Mr. Incredible Edit

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Mr. Incredible is a 1.0 character that is from The Incredibles. He has a incredibly strong melee attack, strong counter attack, and an ability that senses and repels enemies and reveals hidden objects with increasing acting time. He also has a range attack that has Bob smashing the ground and taking damage to other characters, it does take take at least 2 seconds for Bob to do it though.

Season 1 Edit

Mr. Incredible competed in Season 1. In round 1, he faced off Jessie. Jessie was able to hit him with her balls (literally). Mr. Incredible was gonna use his range attack to stop her from attacking, but she ground pounded him first and she began throwing a ball at him with a shoulder attack. However that only did half damage to Mr. Incredible's health, and with 3 punches, Jessie was almost defeated by Bob. She managed to hit Mr. Incredible two extra times with her ball before running away to get health. Mr. Incredible was able to take a health capsule away from Jessie, so she had to go further to get health. She later got health and the match was basically reseted. Mr. Incredible was able to beat Jessie with 4 of his melee punches, and took very little damage when they face each other again.