Lightning McQueen Edit

Lightning McQueen is a Cars character whose main thing is driving. Even though he could drive away to get health, it isn't good for combat. Unless you run over the character, but doesn't do any damage. He does have some weapons, but needs to equip them before using. Such as Machine Guns, Missiles, and Triple Missiles. He can tow characters and throw them. He does have a 3 bar shield that protects him instead of the health taking damage first.

Season 1 Edit

Lightning McQueen first competed in Season 1. In round 1, he faced off Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey. He equip Machine Guns and was able to shoot him without a reload and killed him. Sasuke Halo believes that he was lucky with that fight even though he did it with no problem. He says that if he missed Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey or didn't kill him with the Machine Guns, Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey could have been able to defeat him easily.