Intro Edit

Disney Infinity Combat Battles is a series where two Disney Infinity characters duke it out on a arena in a fight-to-the-death style match! Sasuke Halo, the one who uploads the episodes on his website, plays as the characters on the left. His cousin who he plays against, plays as the characters on the right. Which ever character dies first loses and the character who wins gets to move on to the next round. The last one that is standing out of all of them is the winner. Since Syndrome was the winner of Season 1, he will not be participating in the Tournament, but will face off the winner of this season. Since Syndrome will not be participating, will won't need a voting in Round 1.

Rules Edit

You are not allowed to use any tools or packs, just the abilities you have from that character.

Can't fall off the arena.

Can't die anyway that you would in real life.

Characters are only allowed to use the Range Attacks.

Round 1




Match 1 Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey VS Phineas Phineas
Match 2 Wreck-It-Ralph VS Vanellope Wreck-It-Ralph
Match 3 Violet VS Randy Randy
Match 4