Disney Infinity Combat Battles is a series where two Disney Infinity characters duke it out on a arena in a fight-to-the-death style match! Sasuke Halo, the one who uploads the episodes on his website, plays as the characters on the left. His cousin who he plays against, plays as the characters on the right. Which ever character dies first loses and the character who wins gets to move on to the next round. The last one that is standing out of all of them is the winner. In Season 1, all of the 1.0 characters are going to participate. In Round 2, although Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey lost in Round 1, he was given a wildcard spot.


You are not allowed to use any tools or packs, just the abilities you have from that character.

Can't fall off the arena.

Can't die anyway that you would in real life.

Since there is 29 characters in all, that means not every character can participate in Season 1. So Sasuke Halo, the creator of this series, has people doing surveys to see which character is moving on right away to Round 2. The Winner was Violet, and because of that, she won't be eliminated in Round 1. Here are all of the results for the voting. The one that is underlined is the character moving on. Which is Violet.

Voting Results

Violet= 90 Votes

Mr Incredible= 70 Votes
Elsa= 65 Votes
Vanellope= 63 Votes
Anna= 61 Votes
Wreck-It-Ralph= 58 Votes
Agent P= 52 Votes
Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey= 50 Votes
Davy Jones= 49 Votes
Rapunzel= 47 Votes
Jack Skellington= 42 Votes
Captain Jack Sparrow= 40 Votes
Lone Ranger= 37 Votes
Tonto= 36 Votes
Buzz= 32 Votes
Dash= 30 Votes
Lighting McQueen= 29 Votes
Sulley= 28 Votes
Randy= 27 Votes
Francesco= 25 Votes
Syndrome= 24 Votes
Ms. Incredible= 23 Votes
Jessie= 22 Votes
Woody= 20 Votes
Mater= 19 Votes
Captain Barbossa= 16 Votes
Holley= 10 Votes
Phineas= 6 Votes
Mike Wazowski= 2 Votes

Round 1

Matches VS Winner
Match 1 Lighting McQueen VS Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey Lighting McQueen
Match 2 Dash VS Davy Jones Davy Jones
Match 3 Jessie VS Mr Incredible Mr Incredible
Match 4 Mater VS Syndrome Syndrome
Match 5 Vanellope VS Tonto Tonto
Match 6 Captain Barbossa VS Woody Woody
Match 7 Buzz VS Captain Jack Sparrow Buzz
Match 8 Rapunzel Vs Holley Holley
Match 9 Ms. Incredible VS Wreck-It-Ralph Wreck-It-Ralph
Match 10 Jack Skellington VS Phineas Phineas
Match 11 Randy VS Agent P Randy
Match 12 Sulley VS Lone Ranger Lone Ranger
Match 13 Mike Wazowski VS Anna Anna
Match 14 Elsa VS Francesco Francesco

Round 2

Matches VS Winner
Match 1 Randy VS Anna Randy
Match 2 Francesco VS Mr Incredible Mr Incredible
Match 3 Lone Ranger VS Phineas Phineas
Match 4 Lighting McQueen VS Syndrome Syndrome
Match 5 Violet VS Holley Holley
Match 6 Wreck-It-Ralph VS Tonto Tonto
Match 7 Woody VS Davy Jones Davy Jones
Match 8 Buzz VS Sorcerer Apprentice Mickey Buzz

Round 3

Matches VS Winner
Match 1 Buzz VS Phineas Phineas
Match 2 Syndrome VS Tonto Syndrome
Match 3 Holley VS Randy Randy
Match 4 Davy Jones VS Mr Incredible Davy Jones

Round 4

Matches VS Winner
Match 1 Davy Jones VS Phineas Davy Jones
Match 2 Randy VS Syndrome Syndrome

Round 5

Battle VS Winner
1 Davy Jones VS Syndrome Syndrome
2 Davy Jones VS Syndrome Syndrome
3 Davy Jones VS Syndrome Syndrome