Dash Edit

Dash is 1.0 character and a character from the Incredibles. Dash can use his super speed to perform a rapid barrage of fast, albeit weak, punches as a melee combo, as well as travel long distances in a short time. He can also use a powerful uppercut that sends enemies up in the air, which can be followed up by either a jump kick, or a powerful kick. He can even use his range attack to hit characters by running straight at them. His ground pound is average. He also has Incredible Intuition. Which Increases Dash's ability to sense and repel enemies, and increases the alert time.  

Season 1 Edit

Dash competed in Season 1. In round 1, he faced off Davy Jones. When the match started, Dash went right at Davy Jones with his range attack. He was going to use his range attack and aim at Davy Jones taking damage to his health, but Davy Jones used his claw and smash Dash with it at the same time Dash hit him. They both took damage from that. Dash did some damage to Davy Jones after, but Davy Jones dodging and healing powers helped him get the upper hand and do some damage against Dash. He almost finished Dash, but Dash used his range attack to get away fast and go grab some health. Dash almost got hit by a bomb, but moved just in time before it hit him. Dash then went around in circles with his range attack to trap Davy Jones and to constantly hit him and take damage to his health. However Davy Jones was able to stop Dash from doing that with his gun and finished Dash before he was going to get health.